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Spread Builder: Unplugged and Unedited with Lex

TradeHawk Tour with Lex: Unplugged, Unedited

Trade Day: Apr 17, 2018: Lex moves through some trading examples!

Tradier Brokerage and TradeHawk: What's the difference?

Paper Trading with TradeHawk

Login to TradeHawk: Use your TradeHawk username and credentials to access either Paper Trader or your real trading account!

Entering Single Option and Spread Orders

Watchlists: Learn how to create your watchlists in TradeHawk

HVOL Chart: Learn how to use the Historical Volatility Chart

Getting Started in the Hawk Command Center

Risk Portfolio-Understanding the info: P&L, Greeks, Market Data.

New Features: Watch this video that shows some new features as of Dec 2017!

Take the Tour: 30 minute tour of the platform

Cancel an Order: see how to cancel a stock, options, or spread order

Order Stager: Add your trades to the Stager to send at a future time!

Strategy Tracker: Create, name, and monitor the performance of unlimited strategies

TradeHawk Promo Video

Spread Builder Ticket

TradeHawk Tour

One-Click Option Trading: CTRL-Click

Getting Started-Start Up and Connect!

Getting Started-Adjusting Your Settings

Getting Started-Sending an Order