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Paper Trading

Stock and options

FREE30 day trial

No Tradier account needed! Start with $100,000 in paper money. Place stock, options, and complex spread orders. A great way to explore the features of !

After 30 days, you will be charged $29 per month to continue Paper Trading without a Tradier account. *


Stock and Options

$59per month

Pro is for the less active trader. Pay $.35 per contract1 and $3.49 per equity trade. If you hit 300 contracts in a month, the $59 is waived! For $20 more, add unlimited stock trading to this plan.

Multiple accounts included in monthly subscription price. Paper Trading included.


Stock and Options

$199per month

Trade a lot? Save a lot! Pay one price per month and get unlimited, commission-free stock and options trading.* Great for active traders!

$45 for the second account with unlimited trading. All additional accounts beyond the first two included. Paper Trading included.

* Paper Trading data is 15 minutes delayed. Pro and Unlimited include Paper trading free.
1minimum $5.00 per trade
* Tradier charges exchange, OCC, and SEC fees.
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