Choose to activate groups of orders to manage your portfolio

  • Set up and plan trades using our Stager
  • Attach Triggers and exit strategies to your orders
  • Activate and deactivate orders from the Stager

The Stager gives you the flexibility to build a series of orders: options, stock, and spreads. You can place triggers and OCOs on orders as well. Choose to activate groups of orders and let Stager and TradeHawk manage your portfolio.

TradeHawk Strategy Tracker

Powerful Features

Hawk Command Center

The Hawk Command Center is your main trading and risk canvas.

  • The trading cockpit
  • Access to stock, option, spreads, and risk analysis
  • Manage orders and trades
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Risk Panel

Manage risk and set closing prices with a variety of strategy orders

  • Manage risk from a single panel
  • Set trailing stops, brackets, OCOs with simple clicks
  • Close positions easily from this template
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Trade Tickets

Manage option and spread setups

  • Simple one-click option and spread setups
  • Preview orders before sending to the marketplace
  • Send your trading ideas to our What If risk simulation and Calculator for further analysis
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Advanced Orders

Let TradeHawk trade your ideas

  • Set Triggers and Brackets and let the system trade your ideas
  • Set OCOs, OTOs, and OT-OCOs on options and stocks
  • Set Trailing Stops
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Strategy Tracker

Manage multiple positions as one strategy

  • Create and name multiple strategies so that you can track and manage P&L in specific spreads and ideas
  • Send entire strategies to the risk simulator for further analysis
  • Download entire strategies to paste into spreadsheets for further analysis
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