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Podcast: Trading vets David Wygant and Lex

Elevate your stock and options trading success with:

TradeHawk powered by Tradier Brokerage

Click the image below for a podcast with trading veterans David Wygant and Lex.  They chat about today’s retail trader and the power and cost effectiveness of TradeHawk:

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TradeHawk releases Bracket and Trigger Orders

“Something sweet that won’t rot your teeth” 

We at TradeHawk are always looking to create value and an edge for our traders. This mission has helped us become a widely used platform in the market. TradeHawk offers the new alternative to the legacy Think or Swim and Interactive Brokers platforms. Continuing on this path, we are releasing Bracket and Trigger Orders in time for Halloween.  These order types allow users to place conditional and one cancels other (OCOs) on stocks, options, and spreads.  Managing your portfolio with such order types removes emotion from trading decisions, giving you added opportunity to search for your next great trade! We have spent the time and energy to make sure that you as a trader have the best seamless experience. 

Brokerage services provided by Tradier Brokerage. Visit www.mytradehawk.com for more information.

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Traders Round Table: Lex and Andrew of Option Pit

The Trader’s Round Table Webinar!

Have a look at a couple of trade set ups:  AAPL and SPY

View it here

Andrew Giovinazzi of Option Pit and Lex discuss Trade Ideas: when to buy versus when to sell.

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Update Version 2.3.02 August 27, 2018



TradeHawk just released version 2.3.02. 

Here’s what’s new:

  • Stock Alerts: right click on any stock in a watchlist to set
  • Option Alerts: right click on any option in the Wisp to set
  • Auto Setting (Stock Only):  automatically determines stops and limit orders and highlights green and red columns to indicate “stop” zones
  • Confirmation dialogue box for limit orders placed above (buys) and below (sells) the market.  Set in Settings
  • Set stock alerts with right click in Room Chat
  • New messaging in Event Log
  • Strategy Tracker Delete Function:  use control and shift keys to choose multiple strategies to delete
  • Room Chat: “Always on Top” checkbox.  Allows user to get the Room Chat on top of other windows
  • Room Chat: right click on a stock post to set an alert to a watchlist
  • Stop Limit:  when chosen, the stop limit box auto fills with current price and has a drop down box for adjustments
  • Stock Tower:  price range has been increased to +/- $50 for AMZN-type stocks
  • Calculator:  has been set into the Hawk Command Center.  Fill-in boxes to adjust prices easily. Reset button. Post button to ticket
  • Risk Portfolio:  
  1. Right click to set alerts in a watchlist for options and stock positions
  2. Greek button to toggle between other Greeks 
  3. Closed P&L button has been renamed to Marked to Market.  This shows the P&L in your portfolio from the previous day’s close.
  • Order Log:  in Settings, choose to show dialogue when confirming canceling or placing an order.  Now, the dialogue will be affected for canceling from the Order Log
  • Avg Price in Risk Portfolio now changes the “Value” column to the average current midpoint price
  • Proprietary Index pricing for futures-based indices
  • Risk Panel:  Cost is summed up for each month, especially useful for spread traders with ratios

What’s coming around the corner:

  • Conditional Orders:  Brackets, Triggers, Contingent Orders
  • Realized P&L tab to see itemized P&L when you close a position
  • Spread Grouping:  in Risk Panel, choose the options to make a spread and manage risk as a spread.
  • New Chart Package with options and stock charting!
  • Auto Stager:  set up groups of orders to trigger based on contingencies

Click here to watch an informative video on these new features! 

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