Trailing Stops


We at TradeHawk have one mission:  “Give our customers robust technology giving them an edge”.  Since we’ve launched our product, listening and responding to our customers’ demands has set us apart.  A frequently requested feature was trailing stops.  A trailing stop is a dynamic stop order that “trails” a stock, option, or spread by a user-defined amount, and triggers a buy or sell order to close out of a position if it moves in an unfavorable direction.  This feature protects our traders, gives them an edge, and is unavailable in most platforms in the market. Even if other platforms have a subset of such features, it costs them an arm and a leg with high ticket charges and commissions.  TradeHawk through its brokerage partner, Tradier Brokerage, offers unlimited, commission-free trading.

The team at TradeHawk decided to make trailing stops (and other strategy orders) an essential part of our offering. Our trailing stops automatically adjust as the current market price of a stock, option, or spread changes, providing our users with greater flexibility for gains and most importantly, limiting losses.  The trailing stop level can be expressed as either a dollar amount or as a percentage of a stock, option, or spread price.  Trailing stops can be used for both long and short positions as well as for complex spreads.

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