Getting Started with TradeHawk

Getting Started with TradeHawk  

TradeHawk is a front-end stock and options trading platform.  We are fully integrated with Tradier Brokerage.  Tradier Brokerage is a broker dealer and a Fidelity portfolio company.  When you open an account, you will open it at Tradier Brokerage.  TradeHawk does NOT accept funds for trading.

To test TradeHawk with a test account, you will need to Sign Up with TradeHawk on our website (  Once you have submitted your information, we will send you TradeHawk login in credentials.  These credentials will allow you to use the platform in a test account for 7 days, without an account at Tradier Brokerage.  We encourage you to use your 7 days to open your account with Tradier (  It’s easy and doesn NOT require initial funding.

Now that you’ve signed up with us, follow these steps:

  1. Download the software to your computer:
  2. Launch TradeHawk from your desktop by double clicking the TradeHawk icon.
  3. Enter your TradeHawk username and password on this login screeen:

  1. You will then be asked to authorize TradeHawk to access your Tradier Brokerage Account or use the test account for 7 days.  Make your choice.  NOTE:  if you do not have a Tradier Brokerage account, you will eventually need to open one to use TradeHawk for trading.
  2. Next, you will get a message that TradeHawk is now ready to use.
  3. From the main menu, choose the Hawk Icon and toggle to Hawk Command Center to get trading!