Our Story

Our Story:


OptionEyes, LLC™ is proud to present TradeHawk™, its retail, online trading system for active traders and investors.   OptionEyes and Tradier Brokerage, Inc (TBI) have teamed up to provide a platform that is both rich in functionality and cost effective. TradeHawk will be available to users and account holders at TBI for one low monthly price that will include the use of this cutting-edge software along with UNLIMITED stock and options trading.  


TradeHawk has its roots in the professional trading space.  The founders spent nearly three decades as proprietary options traders and software developers.  In the early years, when trading floors and open outcry were booming, the founders developed trading software for their proprietary trading and clearing businesses.  The original system was highly intuitive and provided great risk management tools to both the on-floor and off-floor trading community. 

Although TradeHawk is strong for options trading, the ease and design of its stock trading functionality is also top notch.  TradeHawk provides its users with simple, intuitive order entry for single option orders, complex, multi-legged spreads, and stock orders.  TradeHawk offers a visually pleasing, color-coded combination of templates to scan the market, find opportunities, place orders, and manage risk.  Most settings within the system are defined by the user.  Users can create color-coded alerts of option markets that deviate from their theoretical value, Greek risk parameters that exceed user-defined settings, and P&L levels that move beyond user-defined thresholds.

Our mission at OptionEyes is to provide the growing community of active options and stock traders and investors a comprehensive trading tool that will enhance trading vision, confidence and risk management all in one platform.  TradeHawk is a powerful tool for your daily trading needs.  Our single monthly fee includes commission-free, unlimited stock and options trading only at Tradier!