TradeHawk is a cutting-edge stock and options trading platform designed by professional traders specifically with the active, retail trader and investor in mind.

This intuitive, easy-to-use system comes to you from OptionEyes, LLC. The team at OptionEyes has over 25 years each in the options and stock trading industry. OptionEyes is proud to announce that Tradier Brokerage, Inc., a leading broker dealer, will offer TradeHawk with unlimited, commission-free stock and options trading to its clients for a single, low, monthly subscription price.

Central Command Center

TradeHawk Central Command Center

TradeHawk’s Central Command Center is your trading canvas. Create and save your layouts to suit your trading needs. Add windows to your canvas for execution, alerts, signals, analysis, and risk management.

Trade Ticket

  • Single click to trade functionality
  • Preview orders before sending them to the marketplace
  • Graphic display of your order
  • Greek exposure of your order
  • Stock price bumpers to protect your orders from stock price movement
TradeHawk Trade Ticket
TradeHawk What If

Proprietary WhatIf? Risk Simulation

  • Assess and visualize risk
  • Customize settings
  • View position Greeks and simulated positions across user-defined price increments
  • Assess risk across time, volatility, and interest rates

Options Montage: Wisp

  • Option chains arranged in compact, easy-to-read towers
  • Real-time Greek risk display
  • Single-click option order entry
  • Expirations run horizontally across the top of the window
  • Set volatility based on implied values. User-defined volatility curves for pricing options coming soon!
TradeHawk Options Montage: Wisp
TradeHawk Stock Tower

Stock Tower

  • Unique, vertical display for trading stock
  • Single-click order entry
  • Simple display of bids and asks
  • Cancel orders easily with one click
  • Flexible trade quantities set by the user
  • Day, Stop, and GTC orders

Spread Builder

  • Simple mouse clicks to build a spread
  • Supports 4-legged spreads
  • Displays Greek values for each spread with time component
  • Allows for spreads with stock
  • Preview spreads before sending to the marketplace
TradeHawk Spread Builder
TradeHawk Volatility Workshop

Volatility Workshop

  • Analyze skew and volatility curves across various expirations
  • Choose and move individual points on the curve
  • Define and save curves using proprietary model of simple inputs
  • Compare curves to the implied volatility in the market place
  • Use your custom volatility curves to price options and manage risk coming soon!

Risk Portfolio

  • Define risk thresholds and create color-coded alerts for exceeded risk parameters
  • Click to trade from the Risk Portfolio
  • Create spreads
  • Hedge deltas
  • View risk and P&L from the macro class down to the individual option contract
  • View open order Greek exposure
TradeHawk Risk Portfolio